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Fighting for Free Market Housing Solutions

Do You Believe in the Free Market, Small Government, and Protecting Taxpayers?
Do You Want To STOP Further Taxpayer Bailouts of Fannie and Freddie?
Do You Want To STOP Government Control of the Housing Market?
Do You Want To Stop Government Programs That Fail Homeowners and Fleece Taxpayers?

DPC has a proven track record of SUCCESS representing residential investors in Washington. Our top victoriesinclude:

Reducing short sale flipping restrictions for home rehabbers and investors.
Expanding short sales through supporting the creation of a national program.
Improving communication with services and reducing response time for short sales.
Reforming valuation methodology for REOs and short sales.
Reforming enforcement procedures governing residential investors.

  1. Housing Finance Reform: DPC will continue to lobby Congress to pass housing reform and implement a new regulatory structure favorable to the residential realestate investing industry. DPC also plans to combat with vigor all efforts to stall reform through lobbying and media campaigns.

  2. FHFA Regulatory Reforms: DPC is committed to maintaining its positive relationship with FHFA and new Director Mel Watt, and will seek additional relief beyond our prior victories on short sale reform, the exclusionary list, REO rehab reforms, valuation methodology implementation review, and flipping reform.

  3. Oversight of Government Programs: In late 2013 DPC became aware of abuses of landlords by government-funded non-profit organizations. DPC has spoken to Congress about the matter and will push for reforms or defunding of programs that are centered not on protecting the rights of tenants, but rather entrapping legitimate landlords and investors.

  4. Expanding Political Power and Influence of the Industry: DPC is forging working relationships with members of Congress and regulatory bodies not simply for short-term gains, but rather to establish ourselves as an important partner in housing regulation. DPC will continue to share information and build on these relationships, and vehemently defend and promote the industry in the media in furtherance of our supporters.